Selasa, 29 Januari 2013

Contoh Memo dalam Bahasa Inggris

1. To : Dicky Arka
From : Windy Rethmini
Subject : I’m coming!
You are right. We should do something for the poor creatures. Yes i will come on sunday as you suggested. I'll take at 7 a.m. Train and arrive at gambir station at 8.30. Will you see me at the station? then on the way to your home, we can stop by at the market and buy the things we need to make a birdfeeder . And i think we need a boy's help to do some carpenter job such us sawing and nailing. Why don't you ask your brother to help us?
Alright, i'm waiting for your confirmation.

2. To : Dhenys Pattinama
From : Isna Rahmah S.
Date : 19 January 2011
Subject : Let’s do something for the animals!
I feel sorry for the endangered animals. You know, there used to be many birds near my house but now they are significantly reduced in their number. I think it is a result of lack of food because people have cut down many trees and bushes. Let's do some things for the birds. Let's build a bird feeder and create a bird bath for them.
Can we do it next sunday around 9.00 in the morning?
Please reply soon J

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